Pacquiao-Marquez: War

Richard T. Slone

This is an acrylic and enamel embellished giclée on canvas created at Slone’s studio in Las Vegas, Nevada, in 2012. Three were created and each fighter was offered one. This is the only other one and is numbered I/IIV (1 of 3 AP).

Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez had met in three previous bouts, with their first fight on May 8, 2004. Each fight ended in controversy (Split Draw 12, SD12 and MD12 in favor of Pacquiao).

Held on December 8, 2012 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Márquez IV was the fourth and final meeting between the fighters.

Both fighters said they were aiming for a clear and definitive victory. Marquez scored a knock down in the third round. Pacquiao regained control and caught Marquez in the fifth. Behind on the scorecards, Marquez defeated Pacquiao by knockout with one second remaining in the sixth round.

The fight received a multitude of awards. The Ring magazine named it “Fight of the Year” and “Knockout of the Year”. Round five was named “Round of the Year”. Marquez was named “Fighter of the Year”.

The Pacquiao-Marquez rivalry had inspired artist Richard T. Slone.

Pacquiao signed it on Thursday Dec 6, 2012, before the fight in his room at the hotel, and Marquez immediately following this historic fight in his suite at MGM, likely his first post fight autograph. It is signed and dated by the artist.

The original painting was sold before it was even completed one year earlier. For some personal reasons, the painting was unpublished and unavailable in any format until December 2012.

For this historic fourth fight, Slone unveiled the beautifully embellished giclée. It received rave reviews during fight week, and the autographs were difficult to obtain as neither fighter typically signed one of a kind artworks. They did sign it, both with large and defined signatures.

Sold framed as shown on image(s).

The outside dimensions are approx 30×40 inches (75×100 cm).

It comes with a letter of authenticity from Slone Art Company, signed by the artist.

Price on request


Richard T. Slone

Slone has been the official artist of the International Boxing Hall of Fame for over 20 years. His artwork has been used on the official posters and programs for most major boxing events in the last 15 years. He has been seen painting live on national television.

Internationally renowned, multi-award artist Richard T. Slone was born in 1974 in northern England. He is self-taught and will later combine his love of art with his ability as a boxer.

Slone would eventually pursue an offer to become a boxer under the guidance of boxing great Joe Frazier in Philadelphia.

After an amateur career, he will decide not to turn professional but instead focus on painting the sport he loves. The Ring magazine will give him his first published work. He would later say: “My experience in the ring adds to my paintings.”

It is obvious Slone is passionate about the sport. His artwork reflects the deep respect and admiration he has for the fighters. “The least I can do is to paint them”, he says. “Everyone admires a great fighter and as an artist it’s easy to be inspired by such.”

The interest and demand in Slone’s art has been exceptional over the past years. He has become popular with notable collectors including Bruno Mars, Hugh Hefner, Muhammad Ali, Nelson Mandela and many more. His work can be seen on the covers of many magazines, including The Ring, and has been used by many companies and advertising agencies.

He is compared to American artist LeRoy Neiman, who was considered the leading sports artist in the world before his death in 2012.

Richard T. Slone is without any doubt the number one artist for boxing in activity.